Teacher testimonials

“This is easily one of the best programs we’ve been involved with and I look forward to our continued involvement each year.”

Irymple Secondary College

“Our speaker was frank and honest. His manner and humour captured the students’ attention. This presentation was one of the highest ranked on our feedback survey for our Wellbeing Week.”

Cobden Technical School

“We would recommend SpinChat to other schools and look forward to having speakers return. The students took on the importance of the prevention message; they were talking about it for days afterwards.”

William Ruthven Secondary College

“It has been especially pleasing to hear feedback from Year 12 students who have said that they will think more carefully about the risks associated with the activities they engage in.”

Beaconhills College

“The presentation helped students identify the dangers and make them more realistic. Not just a statistic but an actual face to empathise and see that spinal injury affects anyone.”

Drouin Secondary College

“The speaker’s presentation was quietly moving and the students were engaged the entire time.”

Yarra Hills Secondary College

Student testimonials

“It was really good to hear Shane’s story instead of some educator saying, ‘don’t do this and don’t do that.”

Student, Ballarat High School

“We had an eye opening experience. Joel gave us a detailed account of his accident and how it has affected his life after it. We feel this program is really important because as students we don’t normally get the opportunity to learn about the problems that come with being in a wheelchair.”

Student, Holmesglen Vocational College

“After listening to the presentation I am now more aware of the risks and dangers in things that I do. I also learned that sometimes it’s best not to dwell on the negatives but to keep a positive attitude and move on with your life”.

Student, Kilbreda College

“Selena showed me that accidents can happen to anybody. She told us not to wrap ourselves up in cotton wool but at the same time be careful and think of consequences before you do anything that could potentially be dangerous.”

Student, St Paul’s College

Your thoughts

If you have feedback from a recent SpinChat session held at your school, we would love to hear it!